Friday, August 3, 2007

Retail Leaders In Customer Service
Cited In Qtrly RealPeople Survery

By Jessica Humphrey

Based on’s quarterly customer service survey, Publix, Subway, BP convenience stores, and Walgreens are leading their competition in customer service.

The quarterly survey, ( conducted by Corporate Research International, is designed to highlight consumer perception throughout many industries and companies competing in those industries.

This quarter’s survey, which included 3,074 panelists, ranked categories such as fast food restaurants (Subway ranked first), full-service restaurants (Texas Roundhouse ranked first), pizza restaurants (Cicci’s Pizza ranked first), among other categories.

Corporate Research International launched in 2005 with the goal of conducting marketing research specializing in mystery shopping and customer satisfaction surveys.

The three highest ranked companies in the supermarket, convenience store, and drug store categories included:

1) Publix
2) Kroger
3) Safeway

Convenience Stores
1) BP
2) Chevron/Texaco
3) Shell

Drug Stores
1) Walgreens
2) CVS
3) Rite Aid

The quarterly survey also provides rankings for other service industries such as: hotels, airlines, office supply stores, electronics stores, discounts stores as well as other retail verticals.

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